What did G-See (Saturday Games)?

I am tired, but trying to save my job.

1. Cincy gonna Cincy- Does anyone comprehend what we just witnessed? The Bengals looked dead all night, but came storming back on the 4th quarter (after Big Ben was carted off) to go up 16-15 late in the game. After a Landry Jones interception it looked like Cincy would win a playoff game for the first time under Marvin Lewis, but then things went bonkers. Jeremy Hill fumbled, Big Ben came back from the dead a la the Undertaker and two incredibly idiotic personal foul penalties on Cincy put the Steelers in position to kick the game winning field goal and into the divisional round. Vontaze Burfict picked the wrong time to go head hunting and Pacman Jones lost his cool (shocking, I know) and they helped rip the hearts out for all Bengals fans. Why Joey Porter, the Steelers linebacker coach, was out in the middle of the field supposedly swearing at Bengals players is a question that should be asked, but the damage had already been done. They should expect a thank you card from Jeremy Hill for taking goat of the year status away from him. Cincy is on to the offseason as losers, again.

2. Houston, you have a…you suck- I think even I had an interception vs Brian Hoyer today. The Kansas City Chiefs rolled to their first playoff win since Joe Montana, yes that Joe Montana, and made the Texans look like a pee wee team. Houston could do nothing on offense all game and you knew it was over right after the opening kick off which was taken back for a touchdown. Why I, and anyone else with a brain, did not bet my life savings on Kansas City to cover the field goal spread is a question I will be asking myself for a while. Kansas City is now on an 11 game winning streak heading into Foxborough next week and Houston heads into the offseason wondering what the hell they are going to do at quarterback next year.

**Editor’s Note: Uncanny!

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