This Date in Sports History: Manchester City Miracle – May 13, 2012

On this date in sports history May 13, 2012 (5/13/2012):
Manchester City and Manchester United entered the final day of the Premiership season, tied atop the standings. Man City held a goal-differential advantage as the tie-breaker against Man U. Playing in different games simultaneously (as is done in the Premier League), Man U took care of business 1-0 over Sunderland meaning Man City needed an outright victory over QPR to capture their first title in 44 years. The outlook was bleak as QPR held a 2-1 as the clock struck 90:00. Injury time added 5 minutes, and a ferocious offensive landed Man City with the equalizer. Still needing one more to capture the victory and the Championship, Sergio Aguero found the back of the net to complete the miracle sending Manchester City fans, including Liam Gallagher, into a frenzy.