The Mets Are Going Nowhere

With Mets all-star pitcher Noah Syndergaard reporting on his own twitter feed that his name had been misspelled on one of the promotional posters in San Diego, I figured it’s a good time to look at what else has gone wrong with the Mets season so far…
Let’s begin by comparing the team’s record at the break in 2015 to their record at the break this year

2015: Record: 47-42

2016 Record: 47-41

Nearly identical. In fact, half a game better this year… Wow! Great job boys! Now please, go fuck off…

Half a game better? Half a fucking game better? Are you kidding me? Jonathan Niese and Dillon Gee started 25 games in the first half last year. Eric Campbell started 38 games, and batted only .174. Yeah sure, he’s from Norwalk, CT, but the guy eats human shit. And it was tough to decide who was worse, him or John Mayberry Jr., who after being released mid-season by the Mets would go on to sign a minor league contract with the White Sox, only to be released by them 19 days later. Think of that! “Hey John, we’re interested in signing you to a minor league deal to see if maybe you can get your swing back and help us out… Uh actually that minor league spot is too valuable” And that guy was platooning in the Mets outfield the entire first half last year.

Everyone agrees that the Mets offense turned around when Yoenis Cespedes arrived last year. That they needed some professional hitters to lengthen their lineup and get rid of the sure outs. Well they have those guys now, almost every position on the field is improved, and Cespedes has been there since day 1 and is batting .302 with 21 HR and 52 RBI. So how are they still 13th in the NL in runs scored (despite being 2nd in HRs, which is the most Mets stat ever)? So what the fuck?

And yeah, you can point to the injuries of their starters and the poor performance of their bullpen as culprits as well, but the fact is their pitching staff, which has under-performed, is still third in ERA and has given up the fewest total runs in all of baseball (despite Matt Harvey being more likely to put a streak in his pants than a streak of decent outings together, and his season ending injury feeling like a positive). So again, what the fuck?

When you can’t make sense of the numbers you have to go with your gut. This team had something special last year. Something I felt it as early as spring training. It’s what let them beat a poisonous Nationals team 11 times last year. This year they don’t have it. This year they’ve already lost more games to the Nationals than they did all of last year. This year they’re not winning the division. This year they’re going no where… Can’t wait to be proven wrong!

… Also, if the all-star game is in San Diego, why the fuck is the AL batting last… Seriously, what the fuck?