On this Date in Sports History (9/5/02): A’s Walk-Off to 20th Straight W

On this day in Sports History, September 5th, (9/5/2002):
Before the book, before the movie, there was The Streak. The  2002 Oakland A’s were mired in 3rd place in the A.L West on August 19th. A promising team with an above average lineup and phenomenal starting pitching found themselves on the outside looking in on the playoffs. 21 days  and 20 games later, the 2002 Oakland A’s found themselves in 1st place and new record holders of the longest winning streak in American League history. GM Billy Beane and the term “Moneyball” came to national attention; a book and a movie would follow. Perhaps disingenuously ignoring that the 2002 A’s had one of the games’ all-time great starting rotations (See: Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Mark Mulder, Ted Lily, Cory Lidle RIP) the script was that the A’s were a bunch of castaways signed to the team  due to their value based on sabermetrics, a new batch of statistical analysis representing a new school of baseball talent evaluation.  Regardless of the exact recipe, the A’s on September 5th, dramatically won their 20th straight thanks to a walk-off home run from Sabermetric darling Scott Hatteberg (played by Chris Pratt in the Movie).  The A’s would lose their next game to the Minnesota Twins, the same team that would eventually bounce the A.L West winning A’s in the first round of the playoffs.  #September5th #9/5 #ThisDayInSportsHistory #Moneyball #BillyBeane #OaklandA’s