Official BTT Super Bowl 52 Proposition Betting List

Super Bowl LII (52) Prop Bets
Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots
Minneapolis, MN 6:30 (Est):


First song by Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back or Other
Belichick wearing Hoodie: Yes/No
If Hoodie, cut sleeves: Yes/No
O/U Turnovers by Tom Brady: .5
O/U Rushing Yards for Brady: O/U 5.5 yards
More Catches: L. Blount or Dwayne Allen
Higher Total: Brady 4th quarter passing yards or Celtics total pts. Vs. Portland
O/U Price at 6pm (EST)of cheapest single ticket on Stubhub: $1,999.99
# worn by the SB MVP: Odd or Even
Longest FG made: Gostkowski or Elliott
O/U # of tweets made by Trump during game (kickoff – 0:00): 2.5
Will Kirby Puckett or Paul Molitor be mentioned turning broadcast: Yes/No
Total points at Halftime: Odd/Even
O/U potato chip commercials: 1.5   (includes all chips)
Will “bitcoin” be mentioned during broadcast: Yes/No
Will an image/video of Dick Enberg be shown: Yes/No
First commercial after start of 2nd quarter: Beer/Car or Other
Will there be an Onside kick or blocked kick/punt: Yes/No
Will Eagles have a rushing TD in the 2nd quarter: Yes/No
Will there be a mention of Mary Tyler Moore during broadcast: Yes or No
O/U Yardage of first Touchdown: 4.5 yards
During Broadcast will Collinsworth wear zipup sweater: Yes/No
First name mentioned during broadcast: Deion Branch or Donovan McNabb
Will an image/video of Prince be shown: Yes/No
First Penalty of 2nd half against: Eagles / Pats
First play of 2nd quarter: Btwn the 25 yards lines OR btwn endzone and 24 yard line.
Any Non-Offensive Pts scored (Defense, Kick Return): Yes/No
Will “Janet Jackson” be mentioned during broadcast: Yes/No
O/U Longest TD of the game: 33.5 yards
Will a 2 pt. conversion be attempted: Yes/No
Will they broadcast show a MLB or NBA player (current or retired) in crowd: Yes/No
Total Returned Kickoffs to start game AND 3rd Quarter: O/U .5
Will they show the helmet catch: Yes/No
Will a player have more than 9 tackles: Yes/No
O/U Letters in the last name of player who scores final TD: 5.5
Will any US President (Trump or former) be in attendance: Yes/No
College of Player who scores games’ first TD: East or West of the Mississippi River?
O/U challenge flags thrown: 1.5
# of legs for mascot of college of player with game’s first Sack: 2 or Other
Will a player form the ACC/Pac12 score a TD: Yes/No
Will Tom Brady yell at a teammate: Yes/No
Will Tom Brady tongue kiss any family members after game: Yes/No