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Fenway Park boasts itself as one of the hardest venues to secure a ticket in all of sports. A combination of the droves of fans (die-hard loyalists, thousands upon thousands of rotating college students, seasonal tourists) the now seemingly constant success of the team (two world series championships in 7 years) not to mention the fact Fenway Park has the smallest seating capacity in the Major Leagues, has led to over 700 consecutive sell-outs at Fenway Park and making ticket availability scarce.

Red Sox Box Office: 1-617-267-1700 (automated line 1-877-RED-SOX9)

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SCALPING: Definitely one of the bigger drawbacks of Fenway Park is the dozens of low-life scalpers vulturing around the T Stations and Mass Ave. Bridge. Generally, any normal human being trying to unload an extra ticket at an affordable rate will be swallowed up by scalpers and coaxed into selling. Thus the secondary market is almost exclusively “professionals.” While I have no specific advice on how to negotiate a good deal, I would make three suggestions: 1. make sure the tickets you buy are seated next to each other and are not marked O.V. or OBSTRUCTED VIEW (Fenway has hundrerds of these seats and they SUCK) 2. do not pull out your wallet or money until you have settled on a definite price, 3. try to find a scalper with most of his teeth still in in their heads; their general demeanor and ability to act like a human being is typically directly proportional to the amount of teeth they still have left.

Cost of a beer at Fenway Park: $7.25 for 12oz domestic beer
Cost of a hot dog at Fenway Park: $4.50 for small hot dog


SeatViews and Ticket Pricing inside Fenway Park


1. Field Box Sections 17-70 ($135) provide incredible views, in-seat service and a higher than normal chance to get on TV or catch a foul ball.

2. Loge Box Sections 112-148 ($99).


1. Right Field Roof Box: Sections 21-43 on top of the Right Field Roof. Tickets have a face value of $52, less than half the price of Green Monster tickets. While some of the seats also point towards Left Field (see Worst Seats) the higher level diminishes the neck strain facing home plate. This section has its own bathroom and beer lines and are great to catch a a breeze on a hot summer night.

2. Bleachers: A low row in section 41-43 can be a great place to catch a game. Tickets are $28 and provide a great value if you are within the first 15 rows or so. The bleachers are deep and tall so you can quickly find yourself needing binoculars if your row gets too high. This section also gives you a view of the bullpens and the concourse below has added additional bathroom and beer lines to accommodate the masses of ‘bleacher creatures.’

DO NOT SIT HERE: I can attest just getting into Fenway Park is a great experience and one of the best places to take in a baseball game. That being said, there are some areas you should try to avoid if you can:

1. Right Field (RF) Grandstand Sections 5 thru 10, and RF Box Sections 91-97:  These seats inexplicably do not face home plate, but rather out towards the Green Monster. You will be wondering why this is the case most of the game, and you will have a crick in your neck afterward.


2. Green Monster Seats: These seats when first unveiled were the hottest ticket in town. While perhaps cool to sit atop a Boston Landmark, the reality is they are nothing more than glorified bleacher seats in any other stadium. The exorbitant face value ($100-$165 ) reflects the exclusivity of the section but not their view. You may do well in buying Green Monster Standing room tickets which generally run about $25 and provide you with a bar for your food and drinks and a clean view if you are one of the earlier groups there and can secure a spot.




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