Good News Travels Last: Abandoned Baby Graduates From University Where She Was Left

SF Chronicle: On Nov. 5, 1984, in a dorm at San Francisco State University, a student gave birth to a daughter, dropped the placenta down a garbage chute, and stowed the infant in a box in the laundry room before slipping away. In her cardboard cradle, the baby lay wrapped in towels wet and fouled from birth. As the hours passed — two, maybe three — her body temperature dropped and her skin turned blue. A crudely cut umbilical cord dangled from her belly. Yet the baby did not cry. But she stirred, and the moving bundle drew the attention of a student putting his clothes in the dryer just before 11 a.m. A baby! He turned, walked into the washing-machine room next door, and asked the only student there: “Did you know there’s a baby in a box in here?”

That question set off a chain of events that would resonate to this day, touching off a rescue by the students, a hunt for the parents, and a remarkable life story for the infant. Today, that abandoned baby is Jillian Sobol, 31. On Friday, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the campus where she was saved and her life began. “I believe it to be a story of hope, joy, optimism, family and San Francisco State University,” said the former foundling, who today stands 5 feet 10 and, as on her first day of life, turns heads — now because of a glowing smile and a happy, outgoing disposition.

Pretty great story of a baby abandoned at birth, rescued by college students, who returns to the same school and graduates 31 years later.  You have to assume during the admission process Jill left out she was a legacy. “Yeah, mom went here in ’84. Got knocked up at a frat house, hid her pregnancy, then gave birth to me in her room, sloppily cut the umbilical cord and stuffed me in the laundry room. Never graduated; dad either. Oh and she ran track.”  Joking aside, congrats to Jill on one of the more uplifting stories of the 2016 graduation season.