Day Blogging with D-Mo

(editor’s note: this was not edited)
Hey everyone Dmo here with a play-by-play blog of Saturday, April 28th. We’ve got the Bruins playing the Lightning in Game 1 at 3PM, Sox playing the Rays at 4:05PM, and then the big one, Celtics play the Bucks in Game 7. Nothing like a Game 7. GRat and our buddy Jeff Spear are in town. Let’s get the party started!


We decided to stay at my apartment for the B’s and Sox games. We got the digital antenna set up, a stocked fridge, and chips / salsa ready to go. A frozen pizza is in the freezer (bullpen) ready to be called into action later on. We’re in business!

Quick disclaimer we went to the park and had to get some iced coffees so we missed a little of the B’s. We got the feed going on about halfway through the first period, but no harm no foul, 0-0.

Apartment Update:

I’m rocking the 2016 Winter Classic Bergeron jersey with a Red Sox hat. Garrett’s got a Orr Bruins jersey on with a Yard Goats Hat, and Jeff is rocking Marchand and a Sox hat Big time homers. Feeling great. We pulled my laptop over next to the TV, get MLB TV started, and the Sox are about to get underway.

Bruins First period:

Nash scores on the Power Play! Here we go! Taking Game 1 from the Nings (that’s what I’m called the Lightning from now on) would be tremendous, as the B’s had trouble on the road last series against the Leafs. The first period has looked pretty even though, the Nings were first for a reason. But the Bruins are deeper.

Bruins First period:

More back and forth but intermission at 1-0 good guys


Red Sox first inning:

Fenway looking gorgeous on a great day for baseball. Mookie Best gets hit by a pitch as the first batter. Looks to be OK. Let get some runs early boys.

Bruins second period:

Second period was WILD – I actually forgot to write for a bit because the action started right away. Bergeron scored 42 seconds in for a 2-0 lead, but Tampa answered, then Nash scored again. Then BRUINS SCORE YIPP. Sweet 3-1 wait what they’re calling it back with a penalty on the B’s? 


Bruins second period:

Definitely a cross check but not involved with the goal give me a break. Should be 3-1.


Red Sox second inning:

David Price gave up two runs? Fuck, he sucks. Why do we pay him $30MM?


Bruins – second period:

Nings score son of a bitch. What happened? 


Bruins – second period:

Never seen that before – Rask lost a skate blade and was arguing with the ref. Made no attempt to get back into position, easy score for the Lightning. Has to be better.


Bruins – second period:

Play getting chippy, now we’re taling. B’s still up 3-2 and should have gotten that fourth goal. They seem confident. 


Bruins/Red Sox

Literally just realized that both Boston teams are playing Tampa’s teams. 


Holy shit Stamos kicks the pass and slaps it mid air just past the left post. Yikes. Scary good, lucky that missed. Nings are pressing. Boston probably tired. Bacchus lost his stick this seems like a perfect opportunity for the Nings RASK love you forget everything I said.


Spear update:

Softly snoring on the air mattress.



Red Sox bottom of second:

Sox got guys on 1 and 3 with no outs. Need some runs, boys. 


Bruins – end of second period:

Bruins go into the intermission up 3-2. Look good but so do the Nings. This should be a wild 3rd period.


Red Sox – second period:

Vazquez GIDP but they score a run. I’ll take that but still kind of frustrating. I’ve liked Vazquez but I hope he can find his bat soon, don’t think he’s been too good yet this season.


Red Sox – end of second period:

No more runs. Is a .514 OPS for Vazquez good? No, its not. OPS+ of 54, with a -0.2 WAR. WOOF. Miss you Variety


Bruins intermission:

Antenna went out ohhhh no ok it’s back that will make things unnerving.


Red Sox – top of the third:

Another guy is on second? What the fuck Price. Every time I look up I feel like a guy is on second. Lets go to the tape. Yup a double every inning. LOL. Apparently also an inside the park home run for Denard Span? Oh goody. Will need to look that up too. Oh wait. Wilson Ramos home run FUCK. Look, first of really happy I dropped Ramos in fantasy he’s only been tearing the cover off the ball. Two, it’s now 4-2 in the third. David. Price. I’m going to flip out. I was never afraid of you on the Rays and no one should be afraid of you now. I understand why Dave Dombrowski signed you, but it was a bad move and I’m tired of this shit. Don’t opt into your contract go somewhere else so maybe we can play you again.


Dombrowski, good job selling prospects and spending a ton of money to bring in guys like Price. Whatever, I’m less against DD, this is a good baseball team. 


Bruins second intermission:

Commmee back love playoff hockey


Red Sox Bottom of Third:

They put another run on the board, 4-3. Let’s go.


Bruins Third Period:

Back in action. Should be a great period. Would love another Bruins 4 goal third, feel like that’s their MO.


Red Sox Third:

Bases juiced again, no out. Pitching change for the Rays, Ryan Yarbrough (Who?) in.


Bruins Third:

YUPPPPP MARCHAND you sexy beast. Top line for the B’s love it. Slap shot by McAvoy, basically a slap shot pass to Marchand, who redirects between his legs for a goal. 4-2 good guys.


Red Sox Third:

Divers looks at strike 3. Can’t happen. 1 out, bases still loaded. Wait, what just happened? Nunez with a soft liner, but the Rays SS drops it. Throws to second and they call someone out. Will have to see, I guess a force out?


Bruins Third:

DeBrusk got smoked and is staggering around. Lucky he got off.


Red Sox Third:

They can’t score. Bradley strikes out. Still 4-2 Rays. Not a huge Bradley fan. Great glove don’t trust his bat.


Bruins Third:

Getting hectic in front of the Bruins net. Getting worried, this feels like the Nings are gonna score. 


Red Sox Top of Fourth:

Hahaha oh boy just saw Bradley’s blooper reel mistake that resulted in an inside the park home run. Thats embarrassing. Price back out there, excited for another Rays double. 


Jeff update:

Still snoring


Red Sox Top of Fourth:

Can’t get a double off Price if he walks you instead.


Bruins Third Period:

Yessss you can see it coming. Pasternak with an amazing pass back to Marchand, who glides in, finds Bergeron with a quick turnaround shot. They’re so good. 12th goal in 8 playoff games. Prettaayyypretttaaayy good. Bergeron’s second.


Red Sox Fourth:

Double play, Nunex – Bogarts – Ramirez. Clean inning for Price, thank god.


Bruins Third:

Dumb penalty on DeBrusk, now Tampa has the PP. A 3 goal lead is good but anything can happen and there’s plenty of time. 


Red Sox Fourth:

Cookie with a double. Guy is killing it this season.


Bruins Third:

Wings pull their goalie for the 2 man advantage but Bruins hold on, but they’re still playing empty night. YUUUPPP Jake DeBrosk gets it and puts it into the empty net. That was a very suspect call by the Nings coach. I’m sure if anyone in Tampa actually cared about hockey, there will be some controversy tomorrow. B’s up 6-2.


Red Sox Fourth:

Benintendo T-shirt in the Nintendo Logo would be FIRE and I need one. Hanley smokes one into left field and Betts, who got moved to third on the Benny grounder, easily scores. 4-4 score with the Sox offense looking good.


Bruins Third Period:

1 minute left, still 6-2, a smattering of boos from the Nings “fans”. Lots of Bruins fans now cheering. Yippppp and this game is OVAH. Bruins looked great. Bergeron with 2, Nash with 2, Marchand, DeBrusk with 1 each. Tukka played really well except for the first goal, which he couldn’t really see, and the lost blade goal. That was frustrating as he should just live with it until the whistle blows, but thankfully he was solid for the rest, as the Nings outshot the B’s.


Red Sox Top of the Fifth:

With 2 hours until the Celtics Game 7, we’re moving the Sox to the big TV. Price only has 71 pitches and is still out there. Walked Ramos and now the bases are loaded with 2 outs. Forces in the go ahead run after back to back walks by Price. Not impressed. One of those pitches should have been a strike but if he’s whining about that he can go fuck himself. Keep throwing strikes. Span flies out to Xander, thank God.


Nationals Bottom of the Seventh:

Nationals up 3-2. So happy we decided to stay in Baltimore and couch it. I mean the Nationals park is sweet and all, but after a party night and a late casino trip, it feels good to not have to go anywhere.


Red Sox Bottom of Fifth:

Divers goes opposite field for a home run and we’re tied again! Belt high and see ya. Definitely a Fenway home run cause of the monster but who cares, 5-5 game. 


BRUINS are sweet, Red Sox are tied but scuffling with the Rays. We took a little time off at this point, Ellen came back with some friends, so we didn’t really pay as much attention to the Sox. By the time we left for Pickles Pub around 7, the Sox game was getting out of hand. They’re still a great team, but lots of Sox fans are coming back down to Earth after that ridiculous start.


I didn’t bring a computer into the bar to watch the Celtics, so this is a next day recap but MAN, love Game 7s. The Garden was rocking and while the first half looked dire at times, there was definitely a feeling that the C’s were in control, even when they were losing. Horford was everything we needed him to be, Smart made those momentum plays he’s so good at, Rozier came back to life, and Tatum shot the shit out of the ball. That fake he put on Giannis, we were dancing. And Semi locking down Giannis, my goodness. I really REALLY liked the lineup of Smart, Rozier, Tatum, Semi, and Horford. Run the offense through Horford, put the ball in Tatum or Terry’s (if he’s shooting well) hands, and then play absolutely LOCK DOWN defense.

It sucks that Brown went down but I think he’s less important to the team than the other guys I mentioned. He’s really talented and really young, so the potential is there. But man I just can’t shake the feeling sometimes that he’s Jeff Green 2.0. Looking at their second year stats, there’s a lot of similarities. But with the injuries this team has already gone through, losing Brown for an extended period of time is TOUGH. Jeff Green 2.0 or not, he’s been playing great and hope he can get back soon. As an expert in the matter I can say hamstring injuries are tough and wouldn’t expect him back for a couple games.


Closing this out by saying make sure to listen to the cast we did Friday, if you come to Baltimore make sure to go to Pickles Pub and 3 Miles House, and go Celtics, Bruins, and Sox! We’ve got Bruins Game 2 and Celtics Game 1 this Monday April 30th. Best month for sports.