BTT’s Official NBA Finals’ Predictions

The Picks are in….

Gc: Warriors! This finals is must watch tv and will be battle until the last minutes of game 7. Kevin Love will struggle, particularly defensively, vs this Warriors line up and the Splash Brothers will carry Golden State to back to back championships. Klay Thompson will be the finals MVP. Lebron James will drop to 2-5 in the finals and as always will passively aggressively insult his teammates and franchise.
Warriors in 7, MVP – Kirk Cousins Klay Thompson

Mol: I think Kevin Love and Irving shrink in their first trip to the finals and ultimately home court advantage and raining 3’s is too much to overcome for Cleveland. Also, I saved a shark over the weekend, so… yeah pretty awesome.
Warriors in 7, MVP- Draymond Green

Z: After watching the 30 for 30 “Believland,” chronicling the futility and heartbreak that encompasses Cleveland sports, a part of me would like to see the Cavs win one for Ohio’s Bridgeport. Unfortunately, the personnel matchups are not in the Cavs’ favor. While this Cavs Finals 2.0 team is healthy and can put up points at a healthy clip, the decisive matchup is likely to be Kevin Love vs. Draymond Green; not good Cavs. Love is too un-athletic and will struggle to find his shot against the physical Green. LeBron will likely be forced to man Green at times, opening up the floor for Warrior ball and simultaneously tiring the big fella out. (Also look for Green to be a stopper on LBJ in late-game situations) Curry and Klay will do their thing (JR Smith not as premier a perimeter defender as advertised), and expect the same from Kyrie and LBJ.  We can’t be sure just how good this Cavs team is, after disposing of three garbage Eastern conference opponents, but LeBron and Kyrie are too good not to make it a series. End of the day, too much offense from GSW, and Love’s liability will be too much to overcome.
Back-to-back,  Warriors in 6, MVP – Draymond Green

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